Welcome to America-Nepal Society of California, inc

The first Nepal get-together was organized by Veda Joshi on March 17, 1973 at Chevron Employee Clubhouse in El Segundo, with the support and cooperation of late Dr. Merrill and late Betsy Goodall, late Carle and late Irene Coler, late Clair and late Eleanor Weeks, Dale Vrabec, late Henry and late Dede Hilton, Nick and Betsy Clinch, Dick and Gloria Davis, Late Profulla Mondel, B.C. and late Margaret Choudhari, Ron Ranson, Shambhu and Bimala Kayastha, Barry Silver and Chitra Chakroborty, Myron and Carmon Davis, and late Kyana Joshi.

On October 27, 1973, at another Nepali meeting at the same clubhouse, the California chapter of the America-Nepal Society, first founded in Washington, D.C., was born. Veda Joshi was elected as the first founder President… click here for more.

Executives Members

Chirangibi Gautam

First Vice President
Upendra Neupane

Second Vice President
Eka Dev Sharma

Karna Chanda

Laxman Nepal